Hello Dana and Correia comunity!!

My name is Missy Pruess and I am the President of the newly formed parent group, Friends of Dana and Correia Middle Schools.  I have a daughter at Dana as a 5th grader this year, a son at Correia as an 8th grader this year, and my oldest son  who attended both Dana and Correia and is now a Junior at PLHS.  During the 2020-21 school year, things were so uncertain due to the COVID pandemic, but we had a very dedicated group of parents, community members and staff from both Dana and Correia that had a mission to complete the vision of the original founders of both the Dana Association and the Correia Association.

The idea had always been to, one day, combine the efforts of both organizations into one collaborative group that could serve both schools, create a more collective 4-year experience for students and families, and increase the parent volunteer participation and fundraising at both schools.  I am so happy and proud to announce that we have finally made that vision a reality!

This year, and going forward, we will be working together with both Dana and Correia to support all students, teachers and staff just as we have done separately in the past.  We are all so very excited to get this new parent group off the ground and we cannot wait to do the good work that we are all so passionate about; enriching the student experience and providing support to teachers and staff when needed, through fundraising and events both in the community and on campus.

We will hold monthly meetings, as we did in the past, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and will alternate between Dana and Correia, or online via ZOOM should in person meetings be discouraged… All are welcome to attend!  

As was in the past, our combined budget allows for a $100 allotment for each teacher to use for supplies for their classrooms… teachers,  please use this money!  You are entitled to spend up to $100 for full reimbursement from FODaC!  Just send the receipts to our Treasurer Elizebeth Poe, and she will issue your reimbursement check.

We are also ready to help with any volunteer needs at both Dana and Correia, so please remember to reach out to us if you need help with events, set ups, lunch supervision and whatever else comes up!  Our Volunteer Coordinator, Stacey Hoffmayer, is your contact for all volunteer needs at both Dana and Correia.

Teachers that have ideas about programs or needs that can enrich the student experience can also complete a Grant Request and submit it to our parent group for approval for funding.  The main consideration for approval of grant requests is that the idea or program must benefit the majority of the students at the school and not just a specific, small group.  We have rarely denied a grant request so, please remember that resource!

Finally, I would like to introduce our 2021-22 Executive Board members of Friends of Dana and Correia Middle Schools here.  Please reach out to anyone on this list if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about how we can support you and the students of Dana and Coreia.


Missy Pruess, President


Colleen Cook, Vice President – Dana


Anissa Brown, Vice President – Correia


Chante Bryant, Secretary


Elizebeth Poe, Treasurer


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