Welcome! As the school year begins, 2020 brings so much uncertainty for our students, our teachers and staff, and our school. Correia Association would like to acknowledge that while these current times are stressful for everyone, there is still a great need for many of our under-served students and families and for our teachers at Corriea.  Our mission is to effort to reach each one of the students at our school and to support our teachers to allow them to provide the extra materials needed to enrich our students' education… now more than ever in this virtual learning environment.

Currently, the COVID resopnse guidelines distributed by the San Diego Unified School District, prohibit us from running our Annual Giving Campaign until further notice.  While we recognize the great need for funding for our school and students, we must adhere to the guidelines that are given for the forseeable future.

As soon as we are able, we will start up the Annual Giving Fund campaign with the hope to reach those that do have the means and the resources to support us this year.  We are grateful for any level of participation this year, during this unprecendented time of need.  
Tax ID # 33-0781746 

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