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Correia Association Reimbursement Form 

Correia Grant Request 


The Correia Association has designated funding in our budget every year, which is available to you to use via our Grant process.  Simply complete the Grant Request form (listed here) and submit it to the Correia Principal and to the Correia Association President.  All grants will be considered by the board at our monthly meetings.  If your grant request is approved, funding will be available for you to use by either a direct payment for your purchase or a reimbursement to you with a completed Reimbursement Form (listed here) and receipts for your purchase(s).

As a board, it is important that we spend our resources in the most equitable way in order to benefit as many students as possible.  Typically, we like to see at least 60% (preferably more) of the students benefiting from a grant sponsored by the Correia Association.  Please keep this in mind when completing your grant request.  If you have any questions about Grants or the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!



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